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Other Storage

  • Shower caddy basket bathroom storage with Handles

    Shower caddy basket bathroom storage with Handles

    This shower caddy basket is a fantastic helper in keeping tidy indoor environment especially for bathroom. In shower, it could store shampoo&conditioner, shower gel, bath soap, bath bowel and other articles, you can hang directly so as to reach what you want easily. The handles make you take it easily after shower, then you can select the dirty clothes into washing machine, so the bathroom will become clean quickly. The basket could be ornament to your house if you put some flowers and cosmetic with beautiful shape into it, adding charm to your furniture. Combining the functionality and beauty together, then creating a tidy and beautiful living environment. In addition to the bathroom, you can see the basket in living room, study room, kitchen, balcony, it exists in everywhere needs storage indoor.

    This basket is made of clean material, friendly to the ecological environment, doing no harm to human healthy. We can customize your color according to Pantone number , printing in the basket is feasible to offer your own design concept, distinguishing your basket from other brands in supermarket. “people-oriented” is our principle, the clean material and customizing embody the principle. The strong supplier chain and QC team guarantee the quality for long-time usage. Pls contact with us if you have interest.
  • Bathroom Organizer Shower Caddy Basket with Contrast Handles

    Bathroom Organizer Shower Caddy Basket with Contrast Handles

    This basket is mainly used for storing in bathroom. You can put facial cleanser, makeup remover, shaving cream, shower gel, shampoo&conditioner ,bath soap, body lotion, hand lotions, towel and other articles, so we can see the basket is great to keep tidy for the not so big bathroom. The clean bathroom is charm to your house. Drainage holes in the bottom let water flow away, also keeping the basket dry.

    You can put the basket in closet, bathroom shelve and hang directly, also you can move basket easily because of the contrast handles. This basket is perfect when you go out to public bathroom or swimming pool as you can take all your own washing tools in one basket, which keeps your secret and reminds you of not missing what you take out of home. Taking it as a gift to children and when your friends move to new house, so as to push them form good habit of storage and cleaning.

    We are leading trading company in general merchandising , and the storage is our main items. We have close cooperation relations with many factories BSCI audited, the QC team provides the quality guarantee at the same time. I can say we can offer you the convenience and cleaning, if you need, pls contact with us.
  • Bathroom Organizer Caddy Basket portable

    Bathroom Organizer Caddy Basket portable

    CONTROL CLUTTER: Keep bathroom clutter under control by organizing go-to essentials in this handy, portable storage organizer; ideal for storage shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body spray, bath bombs and salts, essential oils, hand lotions, face creams, serums loofahs, scrub brushes, poufs and more are always within reach; Drainage holes in the bottom of the tote let water flow away to keep items dry
    PORTABLE: The handy carry handle makes it easy to transport tote caddy in and out of cabinets and around the home; Perfect for bathroom shelves, under-sink cabinets, cupboards, and closets; the plastic construction and drainage holes in the base make this a great shower tote for college students or for campers; keep items organized and ready - just grab and go
    FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: This convenient storage basket is great for other rooms in your home - try them in bedrooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, kitchens, craft rooms, garage and more; The compact size also makes them great for college dorm rooms, kids rooms, RVs and campers; store all of your cleaning supplies in one of these convenient totes, it is easy to store in under sink cabinets and your supplies are always ready to go and easy to transport
  • Bathroom Storage basket portable with handles

    Bathroom Storage basket portable with handles

    This bathroom storage basket is a good choice to put away shampoo, shower gel and dirty laundry in shower, and the handles make you take the basket easily after bathing. It always keep the shower room clean, away from clutter, a convenient life helper. You do not need worry about the basket will be damp as the self-draining hole can provide a dry and clean environment.

    This storage basket can be used in other rooms in your house, bedroom, kitchen, study room and more, it exits where needs storage in house. It creates a tidy environment, so you will feel relaxed after one-day heavy work. The basket is not only functional, but also a ornament, you can choose the color according to what you like and your indoor decoration style.

    We are professional in this kind of storage caddy with more than 10 years’ experience. We have stable and strong factory chain with BSCI and meeting international trading requirements. Our QC team always stay in factories to control the goods quality at the same time. Quality is our main goal, pls contact with us if you pursue easy and high-quality life.
  • Shower Caddy Basket Bathroom Organizer with Hook

    Shower Caddy Basket Bathroom Organizer with Hook

    Keeping clean and stylish environment: This shower caddy basket can be put on bathroom shelves hang directly in shower. In shower, you can put necessary washing articles such as shower gel, soap , shampoo and ornaments into this basket. The splitter plate makes you find your ornaments easily after shower, do not worry about losing expensive or important items. Water flow away from drainage holes, so cleaning is more easier. As you can see the basket has special sense of design rather normal shape, it can bring charm to your washroom, study room, kitchen and living room, so we can live in a clean and stylish indoor environment. After one-day heavy work, the clean and stylish house is a bay to relax.

    Quality guarantee and environmentally friendly: This basket is made of clean material, friendly to the environment and do no harm to human body, so pls use it long time freely. We have close relation with supplier in storage items with BSCI audited and complying with international trading requirements, which give strong support for the products quality guarantee. Our QC team members are always stay in factories to control the quality in second period. If you pursue high-quality and health life, this is really fantastic storage basket in your bathroom.